What Is CBD? Here's The Complete Guide, to the best cannabis CBD Strains!

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What Is CBD? Here's The Complete Guide, to the best cannabis CBD Strains!

What Is CBD? Here's The Complete Guide, to the best cannabis CBD Strains!

In this age of recreational drugs, the CBD-rich cannabis strains are gaining a lot of popularity among people that like the effects of CBD. Easily available at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries near me, they come in gummies, oils, isolates, and wax varieties.

Whether you are looking for an exceptionally powerful brain buzz or want to experience a relaxing high that alleviates all the pain caused by muscular spasms, anxiety, etc, you need to explore the fascinating world of marijuana strains with high in CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (9-tetrahydrocannabinol) near me.

Why is CBD cannabis so effective?

Cannabis strains are mildly psychoactive and are popular with people looking for exceptional medical benefits of cannabis. CBD-rich cannabis is an effective treatment option for users seeking relief from pain, anxiety, psychosis, inflammation, lethargy, and much more. CBD (Cannabidiol) strains possess large quantities of CBD, with some THC (psychoactive) content in some cases as well. 

CBD strains are commonly used for treating the following conditions-

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Problems such as headaches, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms 
  • Relief from conditions such as stress, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, etc

How do CBD cannabis strains work?

The CBD marijuana strains are known to alter a person’s mental state for various recreational purposes in a way that affects the emotions, perceptions, and feelings to give a feeling of ‘euphoria’. 

The hybrid strain brings about intoxicating effects often referred to as a "high" by the youngsters, once enters the body. As commonly used recreational marijuana drugs, they are least addictive and widely used especially amongst adolescents and young adults.

Below are some of the benefits of the CBD cannabis strains-

  •       Medicinal properties

 The cannabis strains are known to have a lot of medicinal utility and other benefits as well. There are a large number of users of these strains with varied experiences in soothing anxiety, depression, and other such medical conditions. They are non-psychoactive compounds that can easily be used to treat many medical conditions. 

  •       Excellent weed

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the CBD cannabis strain is its strong ingredients, luscious sweet aroma, and Sativa-dominant (80%-20%) features. It leads to the instant full-body relaxation and cerebral invigoration in the users. 

  •       Relaxing and soothing experience

 The CBD strains largely come under the recreational Marijuana category with a wide variety of smells and tastes. They offer an instant soothing experience to the users. They are also known to affect the aroma of the product and flavor of the taste buds. It usually lasts for hours and the user can inhale the smoke to enjoy the full experience. 

Looking for the best cannabis CBD strains

Here we are discussing some of the bets CBD marijuana strains of 2107 

  • Harlequin: This is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a distinct CBD: THC ratio to give the desired results. Harlequin is pretty popular with youngsters and is known for its musky taste and unique aroma. The users of the harlequin feel much more focused and alert after the smoke and it helps in alleviating pain as well.


  • CannatonicCannatonic Marijuana Strain leave the users feeling warm and have a soothing effect on the body. Among the other benefits of this CBD, a strain will improve mental focus, relief from general problems such as migraines, stress, nausea, etc. Cannatonic has a distinct citrusy taste that contains almost 6% of THC with 6% to 15% of CBD.



Stephen Hawking OG / Kush: With a 5: 1 CBD THC ratio, this is an indicia dominant hybrid with 70% Indicia and 30% SativaKush gives a distinct heady and soothing feeling of relaxation that even borders euphoria and extreme focus in certain cases. It is easily available at the recreational dispensaries near you. 

  • AC/DC: This is a classic and a much-preferred CBD strain among marijuana users. With high CBD content, this one has a distinct aroma and taste of lemongrass and cherry. Bred by the resin seeds, ACDC is a 50/50 Sativa-Indica phenotype of Cannatonic and Ruderalis.
  • Sour TsunamiSour Tsunami is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was primarily developed to boost its CBD content. The THC content of this strain help in relieving anxiety and pain whereas the CBD content brings focus, attention and clear thinking. 

As long as the CBD strains are taken for recreational purposes there is no harm. It is recommended to take a medical practitioner's advice about the safety of continued use in case of a weak heart or other serious ailments.


Hemp CBD oil, medical marijuana with THC treatment for anxiety?

Medical marijuana and CBD oil have been the subject of much controversy. The topic stands amidst a war between acceptance and denial. Where many people are against their utilization, you have to realize the amazing benefits, immediate relief and prolonged effectiveness of these compounds. There have numerous studies and widespread trials on the effect of CBD oil and medical marijuana with significant results that prove their effectiveness. Here we describe 5 amazing facts about CBD oil and medical marijuana that will help you realize their role in the treatment of a variety of chronic, debilitating diseases.

Cancer treatment

Clinical trials have found the effectiveness of CBD oil against  colon and breast cancers. Not only does CBD act as a primary agent against the spread of cancer cells, it has also been  known to counteract the effect of chemo and radio therapy. Subjects were found to have a noticeably decreased occurrence of nausea, vomiting and had a better appetite and improved sleep. At the same time, CBD oil is also found to  supplement chemo toxic drugs by enhancing their uptake by the cancer cells. This enhances the efficacy of the conventional chemotherapeutic treatment, increasing the chances of recovery. 

Controls seizures in children

Studies have uncovered significant benefits of medical marijuana in the  treatment of irritated epilepsy in children and in adults. Epilepsy that doesn’t respond to traditional medicine is especially likely to respond to CBD oil. Although the exact mechanism is not sure, research has proven the efficacy of CBD oil in treating epilepsy. Where the other treatments fail, CBD oil has proven to be effective in treating even the most severe seizures instantly. 

Reduces negative effects of THC

Medical marijuana and CBD oil contain chemicals that do not have brain stimulating properties. It also helps to counteract the effects of THC. Research suggests that CBD oil helps to  counteract memory issues related to THC. It also alleviates paranoia and anxiety attacks linked to consuming THC. 

Remarkable benefits for the mind

CBD has psychological actions and has antipsychotic properties. This is the reason it helps control anxiety and treat depression. The basic effect of CBD is to induce a sense of calmness, which is why it is an effective treatment for patients struggling anxiety and depression. Studies have noticed increased control and improved behavior of anxiety patients who have taken CBD and medicinal marijuana. 

CBD from Hemp is Legal?

Medical marijuana or industrial hemp plants can be used to produce CBD. There are numerous states that have legalized growing medical marijuana. However, industrialized hemp that is imported from other countries helps to provide CBD products to the general public without breaking any laws.

All of these facts point to the proof that CBD oil and medical marijuana is a valuable medical asset. They can treat and help a variety of conditions. The recent controversies have enveloped CBD, but the proof stands uncovered. CBD Oil and medical marijuana are effective remedies and can be valuable treatments for chronic diseases in the future. Hemp CBD can be found in your local grocery store nearby.










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